Pebble – a tribute as unique as your pet

A beautiful, discrete urn handcrafted in Scotland from hardwood

Pebble is unique, discrete, and tactile

The first Pebble was made for our beloved Bearded Collie, Meg, in 2009.  Designing and developing the Pebble Urn has been a true labour of love ever since.

No two Pebbles will be the same – each one is handcrafted in Ayrshire, Scotland from the highest quality hand-selected hardwoods, then sanded and oiled by hand to a perfect finish.

Pebble doesn’t look like an urn – it is tactile, warm and discrete, allowing you to have your pet close by without becoming the centre of attention or awkward conversation.

Pebble is warm, round and comforting – it invites you to pick it up, feel it, caress it, and cherish fond memories.

Tactile, warm & discrete

Handcrafted in Scotland

As unique as your pet

Pebble is the natural choice

Pebbles are waterworn stones, broken from cliffs, carried to the sea in streams and rivers, then shaped over many years by sand and waves – soothing, relaxing, and a beautiful reflection of nature. We believe this should be your primary focus when considering the myriad of choices for protecting your cherished pet.

We offer a variety of standard sizes, and are happy to discuss bespoke custom orders, an equestrian Pebble for example.

You can order your Pebble via our website. Alternatively, your Vet or Crematorium can place an order with us on your behalf.


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