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About Pebble

We made the first Pebble after the sudden passing of our much-loved Bearded Collie, Meg, in 2009. Crafted from a solid piece of Rosewood, the Pebble was then sanded, following the natural grain of the wood, to a beautiful smooth finish.

Pebble is stunning to look at, but more impressive and rewarding to hold – it is warm, round, tactile, and comforting – it invites you to pick it up, feel it, caress it, and remember your beloved pet.

Pebble is discrete – it doesn’t look like an urn, and is easily portable which allows you to have your pet anywhere you want, without them becoming the centre of attention or awkward conversations. Meg has remained very close to us since her passing – she is in the living room at our home, and even comes with us on weekends trips and Scottish staycations.

Each Pebble is truly unique – no two will be the same.
We hand-craft Pebbles in Scotland from the highest quality solid spalted Beech and Maple hardwoods, then sand and oil them to a perfect finish, just like Meg.
We offer a variety of sizes as standard, but can also cater for custom orders, equestrian remains for example.

Pebble Urn In Hands